Is your website responsive?

24 November 2016

Is your website responsive?

Making your website responsive will benefit your business.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of mobile traffic to websites. If you’re a business, your customers may be visiting your site on a tablet or browsing on an iPhone. Making your website responsive means your site will work better for these visitors, and give them a tailored experience for any given screen size.

Why make your site responsive?

Most sites will look ok on mobile devices if built properly initially. They will simply scale down to the size of the screen and make the user to zoom in and out to navigation around. Making your website responsive improves the usability by adapting to each device, making the website easier to use and read. This increases conversions and satisfaction and can elevate how customers perceive of your business.

Google will love you

Google prefers responsive (also known as mobile-friendly) websites. You can expect to see benefits on page ranking, higher conversion rates from mobile visitors and that you’re showing your business is up-to-date with modern technologies.

How do I make my website responsive

Ad-lib can take a look at your existing website and recommend improvements in addition to how to make it responsive. Sometimes it maybe a case of adding additional behaviours to the website's css for various screen sizes. However if your website is quite old or built with bloated code, it's better to start again with a new design. This maybe just a rethink of the website's structure and layout reusing the existing content. Alternatively it could be a chance to add more exiting content and to take a look at the overall design and branding. Your website might have issues that you would like fixing – this would be an opportunity to make the move to a responsive website.

Ad-lib can help. Drop us an email, or call us on 01905 452555 and we can analyse your website, giving you an idea of costs and time involved.